Have YOU ever been story charmed?

Everyone needs storytelling in their lives.

Storytelling is the most ancient of art forms. You see, people have been telling each other stories since the dawn of human speech. Stories awaken our imaginations, teach us about the world, and connect us to one another.

I am Storyteller Jessica Baris, and I tell tales of wonder, enchantment, and humor. Storytelling isn’t just reciting a fairy tale. It is voice and eyes, gesture and sound! It’s the ability to take on a thousand faces and make every character come alive in the mind of the listener. Adults and children are welcome at all of my storytelling sessions.

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It’s time to escape the ordinary world…and get story charmed!

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Read about my journey to become a miniature instrument expert at http://mininstruments.blogspot.com

The Storyteller's Purse. Story magic inside!

The Storyteller’s Purse. Story magic inside!