What is story charmed?

To be “story charmed” is to be transported completely into the realm of story.

I was first story charmed as a young girl. My mother put my brother, sister and me to sleep with story cassette tapes by storytellers Heather Forest and David Novak. I would lie in my top bunk and listen to the sound of guitars, singing, and the weaving of a story by these two tellers of tales.

To be “story charmed” is how I describe the moment in which you are so completely engulfed in a story that no other thought enters your mind. It is when you are completely captivated by the story and by your own imagination’s creation of the story.  It is the moment of escape from your immediate environment—you are in the realm of the story, its characters, and its world.

And only a certain kind of person can take you there—the storyteller.

Storyteller Jessica Baris

Escape the ordinary world…get story charmed!


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